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Yiwu toy export momentum is good

Issuing time:2021-07-12 13:58

Yiwu market is one of the largest toy distribution centers in the country. The types and quality of export toys have a certain representativeness in the whole country. Yiwu Bureau in order to strengthen the effective management of toy manufacturing enterprises in Yiwu, the implementation of the toy enterprise filing system, from the source to control the quality of all types of toy products. As of now, the Bureau has 28 export toy licenses, covering plastic toys, plush toys, electric toys, wooden toys and other categories.

In addition, due to the increasingly stringent EU toy directive on exports caused by the growing obstacles, the threshold is getting higher and higher, the toy export enterprises have brought greater impact. In this regard, the Yiwu Bureau of deepening initiatives, and actively help enterprises to overcome technical difficulties, to further strengthen the export of the toy production enterprise standards publicity, especially strengthen the enterprise of export destination requires a corresponding warning signs, the quality requirements of understanding, improve the quality awareness of enterprises, change the enterprise to the concept of customer requirements for production errors; actively help enterprises to cultivate professional talents, improve enterprise technology development ability, management ability, to eliminate the quality problems in the toy development and production process, to ensure product quality and safety of export toys.

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