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Toy market potential unlimited

Issuing time:2021-07-12 13:58

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, coupled with each family is the only child, so the child's spending more generous. Therefore, the potential of children's consumption market is enormous. In the children's consumer market, toys are more consumer hot spots.

According to the toy Valley learned that our children's consumption of household consumption in the city continued to increase the proportion of children in the family consumption expenditure accounted for a higher proportion, city children per capita annual toy consumption amounted to 35 yuan, not to create value for children, is also quietly pulling the whole society consumption. Not only that, now, the toy is no longer the patent of children, with the urgent demand for leisure and entertainment, many young people have become the main force of our country to buy toys, adult toys consumer groups is also expanding rapidly. A random interview with 20 young people showed that 85% said they would also buy toys. Therefore, the small toy market in the eyes of ordinary people is also full of unlimited business opportunities.

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