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6pcs Christmas lollipop pendant color wave candy

Christmas Candy Ornaments-6pcs Christmas pendants for you, beautiful colors, stylish and simple, suitable for multiple scenes.
Series PVC Box Ball
Spec 5*10cm
Material Plastic
Color Red, blue, yellow, pink, green, silver
Brand Fudan
  • ✔Wide Application Range:Christmas Tree Hanging Decorations, This candy-shaped pendant adds sparkle to your tree and doubles as a charming gift adornment for your boxes or bags. Add festive spirit to any scenario, show appreciation, or give a delightful surprise. Get creative with its numerous uses.

  • ✔Take It Anywhere: Xmass Candies Ornaments, Enjoy the festive season with ease thanks to our Christmas Pendant Electroplating Candy. These ornaments are lightweight and portable, so they make perfect gifts for your friends and family. With a moderate size and not occupying space, they are hassle-free and easy to carry and store.

  • ✔Festive Atmosphere: Add a touch of sweetness to your holiday decor with our Christmas Pendant Electroplating Candy. These ornaments come in an array of colors that enhance the festive atmosphere. Hang them on your Christmas tree or use them to decorate your home and create a warm and joyful holiday ambiance.

  • ✔Ready For Gifting: Holiday Colored Candy for Christmas Tree, Our electroplated candy pendants are a perfect way to amplify your holiday decoration this year. These shiny delights come in various shapes and colors, illuminating your tree beautifully.

  • ✔Elevate Festive Decor: Our Christmas Pendant Electroplating Candy adds vibrant cheer to your holiday display. With colorful electroplating that won't fade, its brilliant luster and vivid colors guarantee a captivating addition to your tree. Enjoy enchanting celebrations year after year.100pcs 拷贝.jpg

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